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Why Your Business Should Choose Zyapaar ONDC?

Real-Time Inventory Management
Effortlessly update item availability and manage stock in real-time through imports, exports, a mobile app, or directly from the system, ensuring your inventory stays perfectly synchronized.
Seamless Price Updates
Simplify the process of modifying item prices when necessary by using our system, ensuring pricing adjustments are made with ease.
Order Alerts
Ensure you never miss an order with our built-in notification system. Receive instant alerts and take swift action to fulfill orders, enhancing your customer service and efficiency
Kickstart Your ONDC Journey In simple Four Steps
Create Account
Sign up with your GSTIN and bank account.
List Products
Upload and list your desired products.
Receive Orders
Start receiving orders from customers nationwide.
Efficient Fulfilment
Optimise logistics with on or off-network fulfillment partners.

ONDC, the Open Network for Digital Commerce, is like a digital hub backed by the Indian government, welcoming businesses of all sizes to the online world. It's a place where buyers, sellers, and delivery partners unite to transform how business is conducted online. Shoppers can browse and purchase products from various sources like PhonePe, Paytm, IDFC, Spice Online, and more. If you're a business looking to expand online, ONDC provides a platform to showcase your products and simplifies order delivery through trusted logistics partners. In essence, ONDC revolutionizes digital commerce in India.

Registering as a seller on the ONDC network is a simple process. You just need a few things to get started
  • GSTIN number.
  • Bank account.
  • Lastly, Business details (name, address, etc.)
That's it! You're ready to start selling on the ONDC network. Register quickly as an ONDC seller using Zyapaar's seller app or visit ONDC Zyapaar's registration website to get started.

The ONDC offers a number of benefits for sellers, some of the key benefits are:
  • Increased Reach and Visibility
  • Zero selling cost
  • Less commissions
  • Access to 50 million buyers
  • Increased sales and less customer acquisition cost
  • Wide range of delivery options

ONDC works by providing a set of open standards and protocols that allow different platforms to connect and collaborate. ONDC brings together multiple vendors into a combined network. Buyers can use any ONDC-compatible app to discover and purchase products from any ONDC-compatible seller (like ONDC Zyapaar), regardless of the platform they are using.

To make your products available for purchase on ONDC, start by registering your business on the ONDC Zyapaar seller app and listing your products with detailed information. Once listed, your products become visible to potential buyers on any ONDC-compatible buyer apps like PayTM or Phonepe. When a buyer places an order, you'll receive the details, and they can choose their preferred payment method for the purchase.

Yes, if you create a catalogue on the ONDC Zyapaar app, your product listings will become a part of the ONDC ecosystem and will be visible to other ONDC platforms like PhonePe, Paytm, IDFC, Spice Online, and more.

To list products on the ONDC, you must first register your business on the app. Once registered, you can start listing your products by providing all the necessary details, such as descriptions, prices, availability, and images. Also, you can easily bring our products from our website or other online websites. Once your products are listed, they will be accessible to potential buyers through any ONDC-compatible buyer app.

Currently, there are no charges to sell on ONDC, but if you receive an order, you only need to pay minimal commissions for both the seller app and the buyer app for each sale, which is significantly lower compared to other online marketplaces.

The ONDC Network gives you options for delivering orders to nearby, local, or all across the country. You can pick from our network of delivery partners that suit your budget and business, or you can use your own delivery methods if you prefer. Seller will be able to track orders on the ONDC Zyapaar Seller app and its website.

For help with any issues or questions, you can call us at +91 9106194889 or mail us at

Digital public infrastructure (DPI) is the digital backbone of society. It includes things like digital identity, digital payments, data exchange, and consent management. These technologies are used to build all sorts of digital services, from online government services to e-commerce platforms to digital health systems.
About Zyapaar ONDC
Zyapaar ONDC is the best seller app of OND - Open Network Digital Commerce built in India for Indian sellers. Register as a seller on Zyapaar ONDC and upload your catalog. Your products seamlessly integrates with other buyer apps within the ONDC network, such as PayTm, Pincode, SpiceMoney, and more. This ensures maximum visibility for your products, reaching potential buyers far and wide.. Zyapaar ONDC provides a complete catalog panel to manage your products, orders, and payouts all in one place.

Join us today, and let Zyapaar ONDC be your trusted partner in navigating the vast opportunities within the ONDC network.
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