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A Quick Guide to Flourish your Business this Diwali 2023

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SEP 30, 2023

India is a huge nation with the world's 2nd largest population, thus making it the most prosperous market for every sort of business regardless of its size. Moreover, Indians celebrate several festivals with utmost enthusiasm. And it is normally considered a blooming season for every business out there. One such festival where businesses experience high demand is Diwali. Almost a month before Diwali consumers commence their shopping spree for new clothes, vehicles, electronics, properties, and many more. In 2023 Diwali will fall in October and is a fantastic prospect to boost online sales as well as offline sales.

Diwali blesses everyone with a chance to expand their business. But only if they know how to capture this fortune. To help business owners with their sales, we've integrated an extensive guide. This guide talks about the most beneficial businesses during Diwali, proven strategies to expand selling and an incredible platform to get it all done!

The Diwali season is just around the corner, have you devised sales marketing ideas and strategies yet?

If not then it's time and this guide will help you out!

Why Diwali is the best opportunity for business

With the advent of the Diwali season, the customers heavily shift into a "buying mindset". This mindset enables consumers to make extraordinary purchases for themselves as well as for their loved ones. Even the pandemic couldn't stop buyers from making desired purchases. As the data suggests that online revenue grew many folds.

Diwali is a grand festival and is always full of grand celebrations. To make it splendid, newer items are required and that means more shopping. Furthermore, some businesses perform extremely better on Diwali as compared to the rest. Because they fit perfectly like a puzzle piece during the Diwali period by harnessing the majority of the probable buyers.

Types of businesses that benefit from Diwali

Clothing Business

Diwali is indeed incomplete without new clothes, be it for men, women, children, or adults. The clothing industry usually undergoes a sharp rise in sales around festivals and the most during Diwali. This indicates that it is an incredible idea to sell clothes at this time of the year. Selling them online is much more convenient and cost-saving than offline selling.

Go for only one clothing category like sarees or dresses for women, shirts for men, or ethnic wear for either gender. This way you can kick off the business with less capital.

Interior Designing

Diwali involves deep cleaning and revamping the whole house before the eve of Diwali. Houses are made to look pleasant and welcoming from nook to nook. This cannot be done easily without the assistance of an expert. So, if you have got an eye for detail and can imagine elegant combinations then interior designing is for you. This is one of the businesses or services that gets benefited during Diwali as the need for interior designers skyrockets.

Sweets and Snacks

The festivity of Diwali gets even sweeter with the special snacks and sweets. During this season snacks are all over the market, from street vendors to huge shops. This opens a gate to leverage the snacks demand and generate revenue by selling them. These businesses naturally thrive due to uninterrupted demands. One can uplift the business even further by selling snacks that are healthier compared to others. Not everyone can prepare these snacks at home therefore market is a place to get them. Also, the cost of snacks and sweets rises considerably due to high demand while the cost price remains the same. Thus, increasing returns.

Corporate Gifting Business

Corporate gifting is another amazing business that witnesses a boost during festivals such as Diwali. It targets the corporate world, which includes employees, clients, or prospectus. Gifting is extremely rewarding in terms of ROI. It is a path to improve the relationship with the existing clients or an appreciation for loyal employees. Several corporate gifting platforms are in the market that help corporate agencies achieve their goals through the psychology of gifting. Diwali is just the perfect occasion for gifting and this business receives better sales.

Tips to utilize Diwali hype for marketing and sales!

Market existing goods

It makes sense to market the existing goods before stocking the new ones. The key here is to find ways to market those goods with Diwali vibes so the consumers can relate to them. If you're into the clothing business then displaying ethnic wear near Diwali is a perfect idea. Likewise, getting creative with the advertisement and incorporating festive vibes into your store will attract consumers. Like on Halloween everything is made to look spooky, on Diwali you can brighten up your surroundings with lights and Diya.

Add new products

Another Diwali marketing idea is to add new lines of products to your inventory. If your business is not into products that are sold during Diwali then try expanding the product range. Adding new products that align with the Diwali theme is a nice way of earning extra revenue. Think of a product that is easy to buy and sell without much hassle, The product should be cost-effective so that a good margin of profit can be earned on it. Moreover, whichever product you select must be easy to transport and acquire.

You can top off these products with valuable offers to move the buyers.

Festive discounts

Discounts and sales are tried and tested formulas for attracting sales, regardless of business type. The is well used for offering attractive discount offers during the Diwali period. The formula is so successful in India that e-Commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra have made it their go-to strategy during Diwali. Flipkart alone enjoys the sweet fruits of profit with its Big Billion Days discount schemes at the time of Diwali. In 2020 it recorded 666 million visits and 52% of them were from Tier III cities.

This strategy is true for smaller businesses too. Attractive Diwali discounts and offers will allure greater audiences. Exciting offers on less-selling products can clear up the stocks.

Incorporate trends and games

Social media alone can give birth to a new trend in just a night. And people love to follow trends whether on Instagram reels or somewhere else. These trends are often used flawlessly by brands like Zomato and Swiggy to create a buzz. You can do the exact and achieve promising results.

Apart from trends, fun online contests and games are also greatly used for engaging with the audience. During the Diwali season, you can host interesting events online where the winners would receive Diwali-themed hampers!

Social media push

Ever wondered why Amazon and Flipkart can pull off these gigantic sales in a nation like India? Well, it turns out that the answer is awareness and social media is the perfect place to do so. A carefully crafted social media campaign can be launched shortly before the festival to create hype. Facebook and Instagram are the most influential platforms for this purpose. Regular stories and posts can be promoted and user traffic can be funnelled toward your website to boost sales.

Setting up business profiles on Instagram and Facebook along with routine posts of your product will familiarize the audience. Moreover, visual appeal works best to turn visitors into buyers.

Impeccable customer service

Let's assume that your Diwali marketing ideas worked wonders and there have been increased sales. But it should be kept in mind that with sales come queries and customer requests. You might experience an influx of unexpected customers and to handle them, a dedicated customer support team is needed. Any delay or poor response to their queries will directly affect the sales and reputation too if your brand is well established.

Simplify payment options

While being engaged in offering mind-blowing discounts, do not neglect the customers' buying experience. The easier and more convenient it is, the better chances of building a loyal customer base. Even while shopping offline, a long checkout line demotivates the buyer's spirit. The same holds true for online shopping.

To enrich their experience, look into simplifying the payment options as much as possible. Develop a payment gateway that is safe, secure and simple to use. Also, take into consideration the cyber security aspect. Lastly, the greater the number of payment options, the higher the chances of sales. Include a diverse range of credit cards, debit cards, wallets, UPI, and even international payment options such as PayPal.

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Final Words

Diwali is surely an occasion of happiness and celebration with the family. The festive spirit enchants the buyer in every individual out there. From new clothes to tiny home decor items stay in demand. This opens doors of opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Platforms like Zyapaar which is made in India for Indians acknowledge the national festive spirit and cultural values. Zyapaar offers a stage for every business owner in the market to get into the limelight and savour revenue growth.

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